How to Get $10.00 Free Cash to Buy Any SEOClerks Service You Want

Get Your SEOClerks Postcards and $5.00 Free Cash!

Hello all, I’m surprised I didn’t post about this much sooner! But the other day I got two SEOClerks Postcards in the mail from SEOClerks, one of which contained a coupon code I was able to redeem for $5.00 of free cash which was very cool have to say! All I done was verify my address with SEOClerks and within a week, I had $5.00 extra cash in my account balance to spend on any SEOClerks services I wanted to.

The first postcard that came looked like this.
SEOClerks Postcard Unlock Your Potential

Then about 2 days later I got another one that looked like this..
SEOClerks Postcard Confirmed You Rock

Sorry about the levels and exposure I took it in low light. Also they look a bit tatty now as have been on my desk for a while but they didn’t arrive like that. They were both in mint pristine condition when they arrived honest!

And of course, on the back of them will contain your address but of course! How else can it arrive to you? And then also it will have the details in what to do to claim your $5.00 coupon code.

  • When you get the 1st postcard, enter the 6 digit code on the back at and then wait for the 2nd postcard to arrive a couple days later.
  • With the 2nd postcard, enter the 6 digit code on the back at to redeem it.

That’s it! You will now have verified your address which will not only give your buyers and sellers more trust in you and shows that you are a legitimate, professional freelancer, but you also get $5.00 of free SEOClerks cash to spend on any SEOClerks service that you want to. What will you spend yours on!?

How to Get Another $5.00 Free SEOClerks Cash?

If you’re not yet registered to SEOClerks, simply register and sign up here. Then send me your username and I will send you a $5.00 coupon code you can use on any SEOClerks service you want. You have to not yet be a member and you can’t withdraw it, it can only be used to pay for or put towards payment of $5.00 worth of SEOClerks services.

3 Simple Steps to get your extra $5.00

  1. Register through my affiliate registration link here.
  2. Contact me either here or on SEOClerks with your SEOClerks username.
  3. I will get the coupon code made up for you and reply with it within 12 hours.

So if you’re not yet an SEOClerks member and want or need some kind of SEO or SMO/SMM service or something else altogether. Here you have two ways to get $5.00 of FREE money to spend on SEOClerks. The first by registering and requesting the coupon code from me, the second by simply confirming and validating your real physical address.

There are other ways of securing your account as well though this is not the only method! You can verify your mobile number with them, set a secondary password and set a security question. Doing these things will secure your SEOClerks account even more and really lock it down so you can have extra peace of mind when using the site.

Your SEOClerks Security OptionsDoing these three other things you wont get anything for it other than increased extra account security in case you’re ever locked out of your account or it becomes compromised in some way. It’s only when you confirm and verify your address do you get a free $5.00 coupon code.

What other SEO or Freelance Marketplace does that!? None! Not ODesk, Freelancer, Elance, PeoplePerHour, NONE!

Only the SEOClerks Freelancer Marketplace can you get $10.00 of FREE cash money to spend on your SEO!

Try Before You Buy!

This offer is actually excellent for people who want to try out SEOClerks without actually spending any of their own money. Whether you’re just someone that needs some particular freelance service doing like data entry, logo and banner design, article writing or translating or any kind of link building, SEO or social media marketing service.

Even if you’re a freelancer that’s just starting out, let’s call you an entrepreneurial freelancer because you’re just starting out at actually providing some kind of freelance service. Whether that is one that is based on your current skills and abilities you have or you are simply reselling other peoples services and acting as the middleman.

Quite simply, SEOClerks is more than just an SEO Marketplace. It’s a business owners marketplace where you can get anything that you need done for your business, done! Even if it’s not already being sold for sale on the site, you can create a WTB (Want To Buy) and request the work from someone which other people with those skills can bid on.

The Benefits to Confirming Your Address

There are several good benefits to confirming your address. The first is not just that you get $5.00 free for doing it, but that it actually provides your account with another extra level of security in the event your account is ever compromised (hacked) you can confirm you know the address of that account as you are the only one that does. Also as a verified address member, you will get a special badge that shows on your profile so people can know you’ve taken that step to secure your account which gives people more confidence in you as a buyer or seller.

Confirming and verifying your address provides you and your account with;

  • An extra level of account security.
  • An increased amount of trust.
  • A special badge on your profile.
  • A free $5 coupon code.

So the moral of the story is, become an SEOClerks verified address member, get 2 coupon codes you can use to get $10.00 of FREE cash in total to put towards anything you want!

Spend that on anything you like on SEOClerks. Whatever you need!

What will you spend yours on?

My Positive SEOClerks Review

I’ve actually been using SEOClerks for about 5+ years now. I have to say, this site has saved my life! Joining SEOClerks all those years ago was one of the smartest moves I made in my freelancing career. And back then, I didn’t really have half the freelancing skills and SEO knowledge I have now! And I was by far the best freelancer with many skills. All I had was some skills in YouTube marketing as I had previously been spending a lot of time on doing video marketing on YouTube and had picked up a lot of skills in ranking videos and making them go viral online.

So I decided to provide these as a service on SEOClerks. I saw that there was some other people already doing the same sort of thing as me but their sales pages looked drab and abysmal and what I could do, although fairly similar in that it was mainly social media marketing and promotion, my services were very unique and I created very good sales pages for them. I literally started getting sales straight away although it was slow at first. But after some time I picked up some momentum and through good reviews left by my buyers, I was getting more and more sales.

Fast forward 5+ years and I’ve sold my services many times over on SEOClerks and gone on to make a substantial and significant earning from SEOClerks! It’s no fun having to declare everything for the tax man but there are perks that come with being a self employed freelancer anyway and the earnings are still coming in and it still keeps me growing from strength to strength.

I guess the point in telling you this is that everyone has to start off small at first. With not much trust. But if you’re able to offer a unique service on SEOClerks, even if it’s a service that is already high in demand and you paint a pretty picture so to speak in your sales pages and service descriptions, and you apply yourself on the site, you too can go on to make good money on it too.

And to see how I done that in more detail and to see other ways to make money on SEOClerks, check out My Positive SEOClerks Review as a Buyer and Seller. You’ll be able to see how I done it, how I made and am making my money and other ways and things you might be able to do, to do the the same!

Join SEOClerks and get $10.00 free cash and by services at reseller prices and start making your fortune today!

Join SEOClerks for $5 coupon code

Not sure if you should join SEOClerks or not? Are you a freelancer with any skills?

Check out my SlideShare Presentation that shows you how SEOClerks can help you!

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  1. Kalob Reply

    Quality thankyou! I will be checking this out and taking you up on your offer soon! So just tell you here or on seoclerk site with my name? Thanks.

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      Yeah that’s all there is to it Kalob! 🙂

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    This would be enough money to purchase a full-length article for my website. Thanks for the tip!

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      Welcome Jon that’s it! A great way to try SEOClerks for free and get $10 bux to spend on anything you like! 🙂

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