My Positive SEOClerks Review 5 Years An SEOClerks Buyer and Seller

This is a positive review instead of just an unbiased one because in all my 5+ years of using SEOClerks I only have positive things to say about it. While I’ve had my ups and downs, I’ve had way more ups than downs, I hit a couple pot holes in the road but I’ve never lost a wheel or had a blow out and just kept on trucking from strength to strength.

Join SEOClerkThat’s because SEOClerks is a level driven SEO marketplace where those with higher levels are considered better and bigger buyers or sellers than those who are still only level 1. We all start out at level 1 and through good use of the site earn our way up to level 3+. This gives you much more privileges and abilities as a seller which are all listed out on the SEOClerks User Levels page. It’s similar to eBay in a way, in that people with a lot of feedback are considered more trusted than those that don’t have much positive feedback so it’s how you gain peoples trust as a seller. Only SEOClerk is a dedicated SEO marketplace where you can get many different things from mostly around SEO or Internet Marketing of some kind for whatever you need for your business or personal reasons.

An unbiased but Positive review of SEOClerks

So based on my experience, I only have positive things to say about SEOClerks because I have had more than a positive experience in using it as a freelancer and it has been one of the best freelance sites I’ve ever joined and become a part of in the past 10+ years or more. I’ve had some success on other freelancer sites but not like I have on SEOClerk. It has enabled me to sell my social media services to more people that I could using my own site. Simply because it has a massive user base of people from all around the world  all made up of webmasters and bloggers to professional SEOs and IT consultants or designers and musicians or promoters who all need some kind of promotional service of some kind to do with SEO or Internet marketing or just about anything else you can think of on the Internet.

SEOClerks is one of the biggest and best freelance microgig sites in the world. Whether you’re looking for something for your website or something else for the offline world. You can find a freelancer or someone that is willing to do it for you on SEOClerks. It has some very big and professional freelancers on there that provide very high quality services but at a cost that is less than what you might pay if you was to hire someone from some website or other business avenue. And if you’re a freelancer yourself and provide any kind of freelance work online for people for a fee, SEOClerk is the place to be to make a big career in freelancing. This site has made many people rich and there is still an infinite amount of opportunity to anyone that wants to find work as a freelancer and make some money in their spare time as well as anyone that wants to take up a full time career in freelancing.

How I began my SEOClerks journey

I started out as a buyer at first. I was looking for some help with managing one of my sites so needed content creation and social media management. A process I had already repeated a hundred times and had down to an art. But it was time for me to look to outsource that part so I could concentrate and focus on what I like to do best. Make sales and cash checks! So outsourcing that for me would and has been a huge time saver for me. There were already some services or “gigs” if you like, that looked very appealing and ticked all the right boxes if you know what I mean. Just looking on the marketplace homepage and sorting by top rated services is enough to see some very prominent and appealing SEO services that have many positive reviews on them by people who have purchased and used them for their own website or clients sites. But also provided by SEO professionals that provide the latest white hat SEO link building services in 2016.

And as any webmaster, blogger or affiliate marketer can tell you, when it comes to SEO link building it’s all about rolling with the changes and only doing white hat SEO in 2016 and beyond. It’s all about super high quality and that means both in terms of on-page and off-page SEO too. From your websites content to the quality of your links. If you’re trying to make an authority site or you understand what it takes to make an authority site in Google’s eyes today then you’ll know that this much is true. And that is where SEOClerk comes in to play in that it is the best SEO marketplace to get all your SEO from today that will be done by professionals and to a very high degree on a very secure platform. That much I can vouch for based on experience of using the site over the past 5+ years.

So with all my experience under my belt, and knowing that I could most probably do a much better job than they were doing. At least, I could create better sales pages than them and have something to offer that was real and genuine and actually worked and left people with something to show for their money! Which resulted in better feedback for me as a seller. I’ve seen success on SEOClerks and have used it to earn a nice considerable amount of money and will enjoy going on to make even more residual money from my sales and my affiliate spendings.

I already had some skills in video marketing on YouTube, I’d been SEO’ng some of my videos and many of my friends videos for years. There’s a lot more places that vloggers can connect to today to get their videos watched and their voices heard. But YouTube has always been the main one I and they would want promoted as YouTube is the first site you upload them to! So I’ve been doing YouTube video social media marketing and promotion for around 5+ years now so it was only fitting that I started providing this as service on SEOClerks!

I only started small at first. I only had one or two services up. But I used the landing page creation skills I had and created killer sales page descriptions for them and started to pick up the odd sale. It was then I started listing other similar services and started getting more sale and basically went from there! Overtime, I’ve gone on to earn a considerable amount of money from my services. The below image is a snapshot of my Sales and Shopping Logs showing some of my recently sold orders, my available balance, what I have upcoming and awaiting clearance and how much I’ve spent on other services and how much I’ve withdrawn.

my seoclerks earnings
Screenshot of my Sales and Earnings page showing my current earnings and some of my sales.

So at first, I only started selling a few simple services. I did take some time to create a nice sales page for them though using my skills and experience that I’d picked up over the years and in my early days of being a desktop publisher. But I then started realizing that I could scale up my services and create new services that were as equally as effective but offered a little more in them than the others. Each time my services would be get more complex and offer more stuff, a little more marketing and also cost a little extra as well for the privilege. Basically, I made sure I provided very unique and attractive looking services and that was what was the winning formula for me!

That and I would provide amazing first class service to all of my buyers which was reflected in their positive ratings and recommendations for me which possibly resulted in more sales or helped me to get more sales and why some of them would and do return and make repeat purchases with me today. Obviously it was all things together, first having the skills and abilities, then having unique services and attractive sales pages with good usage of Call To Actions and being a good all round great guy that has helped!

No snake oil. Just 100% genuinity and services that speak for themselves. Get them right and you’ll be onto a winner as well!

Shut up and take my money meme

Here is a screenshot of some of my recent orders on SEOClerks as a seller. The services I am actually selling.

My Recent OrdersOf course, that only shows one page from back to May 21st, I’ve been selling a lot more than that and you can see I actually have about 7 pages of sales in total. All for different or sometimes the same service and different prices in around the amount that you see. I only pay SEOClerks a 10% commission fee on these sales the rest I get to keep for myself. 🙂

The point is, anyone can make money on SEOClerks if they have a passion and desire and hunger to be successful. Having some skills and abilities helps, but even if not, there is still many opportunities to make money in many different ways on SEOClerks if you put your mind to it. One only needs to look through the sites Marketplace categories to see obvious money making opportunities to create multiple revenue streams from the site.

Seller and Buyer Protection

SEOClerk provide buyers and sellers protection when using the site to buy or sell with. Due to this protection, SEOClerk has a very low rate of problems due to fraud or scammers. It’s very hard to abuse the service either as a buyer or seller. Buyers can reject bad work if it’s not up to scratch or request to cancel an order and ask staff to step in and reach a fair decision. Sellers can ensure they get their money by supplying everything exactly as advertised in their services description. It’s a bit more comprehensive than this but all in all it’s a pretty tight system and you’re quite safe when using it if you only stick with the top sellers and freelancers on the site. I’ll be fair in my review and one thing I can say on this area is that there are quite a lot of inexperienced amateurs and low quality sellers and freelancers on the site that don’t do a full job properly or go AWOL for a while that kind of thing.

But that goes with the territory you know and if things go really bad you can ask staff to help and they will reach a fair decision. If it’s that the work isn’t up to scratch as advertised, you will get your money back. But that hardly ever happens as long as you stick to using the best, most well known, high quality sellers and freelancers. And it’s not hard to find them and know who they are. Just sort any category by top rated and it will show all the biggest, most popular sellers, freelancers, SEO’, Internet marketers or just experienced with good reviews/ratings and that’s what counts at the end of the day if you are to find the best sellers and freelancers on the site.

What do you want to buy, sell or trade?

Whether you want to buy something, for yourself, your clients. Or you want to sell something or trade something for something else. There is a plethora of categories where it will belong. If not you could just list it in the “other” category? And here in this part we’ll talk about some of those different categories and what sorts of things you can find for sale in them or could sell in them. Including the Marketplace categories that I use/have used myself.

  • Art & Design
    It is what it says it is on the tin. Here you can get art and design services such as Facebook, Google+ covers and backgrounds etc from thousands of art & design experts.
  • Graphics & Logos
    If you need a logo made for your new website or any kind of graphics like flyers, leaflets, posters, business cards or infographics etc then this is the place to find a service for them.
  • Article Translating
    In the Article Translating category you can find freelancers offering translating based services. So whether you need some content translated from English to another language or from one other language to English. Whether it’s for one time only or to employ and hire a freelancer or someone to do it for you full time you will find them here.
  • Article Writing
    In the Article Writing category you can find many article writing services by writers from all around the world. There will be very experienced high quality writers and there are some newbie writers too but these are all generally very reasonably priced and can be an endless source of unique high quality content whenever you need it.
  • Audio & Music / Voice Over
    Here you can find thousands of expert audio and music services from freelancers and music and audio editors/producers and authors from all around the world. So if you need some background music for your videos or someone to read something out for you or just want to pay someone to make some cool music for you this is the place to get it done.
  • Banner Ads
    Whether you need a banner ad created for your new promotional campaign for your website or business, or you want to buy banner advertising on other sites that already have traffic then this is where you can find such services.
  • Blogs
    Blog this, blog that, here a blog, there a blog, everywhere you look a blog. In the Blogs category you can find freelancers to hire for all sorts of blog or blogging related services. Whether it’s for a blog guest post, blog links or blog management this is where you’ll find it.
  • Forums
    If you run a forum, or want to, and you’re looking for something to do with forums, whether it be forum users and posts. Or forum signature links or post links and promotion. There’s many expert forumer services of some kind or related to forums or foruming in some way.
  • Link Building
    Link building is pivotal to good ranking positions in the Search Engines today and always has been for that matter. So the link building category is the place to buy and sell backlinks of all types from SEO experts all around the world. Although most are US sellers. Sort this category by top rated to find some very big sellers and white hat SEO link building services.
  • Blog Comments
    Are you looking for blog comments for your own blog or perhaps want to network with other bloggers by establishing yourself as an authority on related blogs to yours? Here you can buy blog comment backlinks from expert bloggers and SEOs for many different types of blog links.
  • Directory Submission
    Directory submission can improve your ranking in the SERPs and enables you to target certain keywords and help in many other ways if done properly. Here you will find tons of high quality directory submission services by freelancers who can submit your website with all it’s details to link directories for you.
  • Link Development
    If you need backlinks built of all types then the link development category is the place to get them. You can find thousands of link building services link building and development campaigns by experienced and professional SEOs, and freelancers.
  • Link Pyramids
    They can be extremely powerful when done correctly and useful for all sorts of things. Here in the link pyramids category you can find a plethora of very highly diversified link pyramid building services by freelancers and SEO professionals.
  • Link Wheel
    The right link wheel, done properly in the right way, is another very powerful and effective method and here in the link wheel category you can find many link wheel creation services to buy by professional and experienced link builders and SEOs.
  • PBNs
    Private Blog Networks are very popular today because they can be so powerful and effective for ranking your site high in the SERPs as most PBN posts are done very skilfully and naturally and have a lot of value to them on all those different blogs that are spread out. So here you can find PBN links to buy or sell too.
  • Site Link Sales
    In the site link sales category you can get many text based contextual links by webmasters and SEO experts for many different types of websites, blogs and every where else.
  • Web 2.0
    The web 2.0 category is where you can hire a web 2.0 specialist for some web 2.0 work. If you need some web 2.0 sites built or some web 2.0 links or even want to start the next web 2.0 site this is where you can find web 2.0 experts and freelancers that can do it for you.
  • Wiki Links
    Wiki sites are very high authority sites in the eyes of Google because they are so heavily human moderated and it likes anything that has a real human touch to it. Here you can find wiki backlinks of all types by many expert freelancers.
  • Onsite SEO & Research
    In the SEO and research category you can find lots of website SEO and research services included SEO reports, analysis, keyword research or website audits. On-page SEO research and any other off-page SEO research also by expert SEOs and freelancers who can tell you the things you need to know.
  • Other
    Ah the other category, the place where you can find services that don’t belong anywhere else. It really is a mixed bag smorgasbord of things that you may find in other categories too but mostly by freelancers who are advertising that they can do something else that you might find useful in life.
  • Gaming
    If you’re a gamer, or game player or games reviewer or game developer or own a gaming site of some kind then you can find game services by gamers for gamers.
  • Press Release
    Press releases can be very powerful things. They can help you get the news out about your new site or product or service or anything newsworthy. In the Press Release category you can find many press release writing and submission services by professionals and freelancers that can do it for you.
  • Programming/HTML/CSS/PHP/Ruby/WordPress
    If you need to hire a programmer for something to do with HTML/CSS/PHP/Ruby/WordPress etc then this is the place to find them. Here you will see programming services for sale for many many different things to do with programming.
  • Question/Answer/Yahoo Answers
    Question and Answer sites can be very effective at driving hordes of traffic to your site. Whether you want to do it yourself, or you want to hire someone to do it for you by promoting your site or anything using Question and Answer sites from Yahoo Answers to Quora answers and more.
  • Reputation Management
    Your reputation is important to you, it’s important that your reputation is good if you want to gain the trust of potential clients. Fortunately in the reputation management category, you can find professional reputation management services by professionals that will be willing to do something for you.
  • Servers
    If you have a website, you need hosting for it. Or if you’re running a hosting service, you’ll need some servers for it. This is where you can find those such things.
  • Social Networks / Facebook / Google / Instagram / Pinterest etc
    If you need some kind of social networking work done, be it help with managing or running your own social networking site or something else to do with social networking, this is where you will find professionals and freelancers that can do it for you.
  • Social Bookmarks
    Social bookmarking is still one of the best ways to get better rankings for your website as well as for building up high quality traffic to it. But it can be a long and tedious task manually bookmarking your sites posts and pages and things so here you can find professional freelancers who can do all of that for you.
  • Social Points
    Find freelancers or anyone that is selling social points for some social point service.
  • SoundCloud
    If you need SoundCloud plays or views or any other kind of SoundCloud service this is the place to find it.
  • Twitter
    A mixed bag of all kinds of Twitter services like Twitter followers, likes, tweets, retweets etc.
  • YouTube
    Here you can buy and Sell YouTube views, comments and subscribers and other YouTube services.
  • Traffic
    Do you need website traffic for your website? Here you can find many different types of web traffic services for sale including targeted and worldwide traffic services.
  • Tutorials & Guides
    If you’re looking how to do something, here is where you can buy a tutorial or guide on how to do it!
  • Video
    Video marketing is huge today and every smart marketer or affiliate is using video in their promotions. Here you can find many types of video creation or submission services.
  • Virtual Assistant / Data Entry
    Do you need to hire a virtual assistant for something? Here you can find many hundreds of different virtual assistants that are advertising their skills and abilities.
  • Webhosting / Cloud Hosting / Dedicated / VPS
    It’s like a web hosting heaven! Because here you can find many web hosting services and even cloud hosting, dedicated and VPS’s and services for sale.

So what does all this tell you? That there are literally thousands upon thousands of different services for sale on SEOClerk that you can use yourself or even use to sell your own services of some kind of you think you can do something that fits within one of these categories. And if it doesn’t fit in any of these cats, there’s always the “other” cat we spoke about!

What Else Are You Looking For?

All these things are available to buy in those categories right now but they are also categories in which you can sell things yourself too. Be it your own service of some kind or some work that you can do for someone from data entry to logo design, article writing to video creation or some other SEO link building services or social media promotional service of some type. There are categories where you can find things for sale to buy and you can find categories of people wanting to buy things such as these as well. So if you’re a freelancer that has some skills in something and can provide that as a service then you can find people who want to hire you in the SEOClerk Want to Buy category. Whatever it is you think you can do as a service, you can probably find someone that is looking for that. You can place a bid on their WTB (Want to Buy) and they can then hire you for the work. Once completed deliver it and get your cash simples!

You can also Create a WTB and ask or request something or some specialist thing by putting what it is you’re looking for and then other freelancers can bid on it for you and you can decide who to hire for the job. You can contact people first before accepting their bid but you can usually find quite a lot of freelancers that will bid on your WTB whatever it is for! And the process is very simple and easy to do. I have used the WTB section of SEOClerk many times to hire freelancers to do work for me saving me much time and hours and helping me to complete clients work too.

Do you have something to trade?

If you are looking for something, be it files, licenses, scripts or themes etc and can exchange anything like this in return for those sorts of things or perhaps for a service in return, then the WTB (Want to Trade) section is where you can do that. It works similar to how the WTB section works  only you’ll be trading something in return for something and have to do so in order to get what it is you want as well. This can be very useful if you have something to trade but don’t have the skills or much cash to buy what it is you want or hire someone. Just create a WTT and then list out exactly what it is you’re looking for and what it is you can trade in exchange for it. Then people can bid on it with what they have so that you can find someone to do a trade with. Genius!

eBook Marketplace to Buy and Sell eBooks

If you’re a writer and eBook publisher then you know just how lucrative eBook marketing can be. And if you know anything about eBooks you’ll know how much of a treasure trove of information they can be. Well the SEOClerk eBook marketplace has hundreds of eBooks for sale from hundreds of authors and sellers you can buy covering a range of topics and subjects. There are some very highly rated eBooks for sale that have a lot of positive feedback ratings and reviews left on them by many happy buyers. Since eBooks are electronic files they can be downloaded instantly on purchase. This means you can get them, open them and start reading them immediately after purchase. No waiting around for the seller to send you them to your email or something.

Software Marketplace to Buy / Sell Software

The software marketplace is exactly what it says it is, a place where you can buy software for Windows, Linux and MAC PC’s etc. In here you will find many different types of software. There really is an Aladdin’s cave of software in here that covers virtually every thing you can think of. So if you’re looking for some tools or something to help you do something this is the place to find it. Also if you’re a software developer then you can sell your own software here too. There really are some very good software programs here and you’ll be bound to find something you like.

Themes Marketplace

The themes marketplace is where you can find themes for sale for virtually every different platform that you can think of. So whether you need a theme for your Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or WordPress blog or some other CMS like Drupal, EE or Joomla etc or some other eCommerce site like Magento, OpenCart, Shopify etc or even for your forum or anything else, the themes marketplace is where you’ll find it. And I have to say, I’ve used the themes marketplace to find some very nice niche themes for my own sites and have had some success selling them too.

SEOClerks Affiliate System

One of the best things about SEOClerk is their affiliate system which you can use to earn a residual income from by just referring people to the site. SEOClerk pay 10% commission on sales for life as a level 3 user and you can now get 100% commission for people referred to your own service! Higher level users can earn a little more. They provide a referral link but you can use or you can make any link on the site into an affiliate link by just adding your affiliate number to it. A lot of stuff has been written about the SEOClerk affiliate system including guides, tutorials and articles on how to promote SEOClerk as an affiliate and how to get referrals under you for it. It really is a very powerful system and one of the best and most lucrative affiliate systems you can join and promote. There are some very big affiliates that make thousands in commissions every month because of this system and that can be anyone regardless of their experience or skills. There are tons of SEOClerks Affiliate Stores/Scripts/Themes & Plugins which you can take advantage of in some way on your own site or blog to get referrals with.

Join SEOClerkConclusion

This isn’t even a fully comprehensive review and there’s many features about the site I’ve not even mentioned. But SEOClerks is the worlds biggest SEO Marketplace, you can use it to find virtually anything you’re looking for and if you can’t find it on the site, it is easy to request it using a WTB. But the amount of possibilities are endless for freelancers to make an extra residual income ranging from a few extra bucks a month to a full time income that replaces your full time job. How will you use it? Click here to join SEOClerk and start making money online today.

8 thoughts on “My Positive SEOClerks Review 5 Years An SEOClerks Buyer and Seller

  1. Jonrie Reply

    Hey nice review! I see what you mean. Is it really easy to make money on SEOClerks? I mean what if I can’t do anything or don’t know what to do? Do I need PayPal?? Thanks!

    • Mike Reply

      Hi Jonrie thanks for enquiring. Yes it’s easy because there is a demand there. A very big demand. You just have to meet that demand with your skills and abilities! And yes ideally you will need PayPal to get paid but they do have other payment methods like Payza, Payoneer, WU and Moneygram but PayPal is best!

  2. Lynne Reply

    Hi Mike, thanks for a great review.

    I have been a member of SeoClerks for about a year and a half now. I am currently only a buyer on the website but I have considered selling services there and I am sure I will get around to it sometime in the future.

    I am about to start working on the affiliate side of things and hope to start building a nice income promoting SeoClerks on my website.

    • Mike Reply

      Hi Lynne, thanks for your comment. That’s great! If you stick at it it can be very rewarding for you. Plus there is tons of stuff out there that can help you with that. We’ve got a lot lined up here for it too so you can’t but help succeed with it. 🙂

  3. Kalob Reply

    This is amazing! You have done so well and I can see why you say its a positive review of SEOclerks. I like the system that’s in place for making money with it!

    • ideal Post authorReply

      Thanks Kalob. You and me both and about 500,000 other people too! They have that many users and growing all the time. There’s a lot of potential/ways to make money with SEOClerks only some covered here.

  4. Tronia Reply

    This is exactly why I love SEOClerk. I’ve found out about them way later than you but still, better later than never.

    I love this post because it doesn’t only describe but also SHOWS how many things SEOClerk has to offer – whether you are a buyer or a seller. They really deserve the positive reviews like this one.

    Also, another thing to mention is that they have amazing staff and support. They respond very fast and I never ever had any problems with them. I always try to recommend them to the people that I come in contact with and now I can also show them this post of yours if they do have any doubts. Thank you!

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