SEOClerks Reaches 5th Birthday – Get Free $5 Coupon Code to Celebrate!

SEOClerks is 5 years old – Here’s $5 bux to spend on us!

I know this update is a bit belated, but on October 7, 2016, SEOClerks celebrated it’s 5th birthday milestone! Yes today SEOClerks is 5 years old and to help celebrate they are giving away a $5.00 coupon code to the first 50 people that redeem it! All you have to do to get your $5.00 free spending cash coupon code is visit this link:

Then click the red Redeem button. That’s it!

$5 SEOClerks birthday coupon code redeemProvided up to 50 people haven’t already redeemed the code, you will have $5.00 cash to spend on anything you want! You can only spend the $5 on services you cannot withdraw it. Obviously! This is a very generous offer from SEOClerks as a way to celebrate their 5th year birthday and as a way to saying thanks to everyone! In total, it’s $250 bux they are basically putting behind the bar so everyone can get a free drink or two! 😀

Ionicware sites
Ionicware sites

What an amazing company Ionicware is! And how it and it’s subsidiaries such as SEOClerks, ListingDock, and the recent WordClerks and PixelClerks. They have been such an amazing form of help for so many people that are freelancers, affiliates and resellers or just buyers on those sites. And with a user base of around almost 500,000 users on just the SEOClerks Marketplace. And a current total of 370,475 services for sale in many many different categories. Most of the biggest and most popular categories of which I covered in my SEOClerks review. A positive review and called that because even though I remain unbiased and neutral. I only have positive things to say about SEOClerks and there are no bad things even worth mentioning!

What an amazing SEOClerks review! That has only come about because how awesome a site and marketplace and community that SEOClerks is! And let’s say it and be honest – any site, community or place where there are people there is only good as the people there and the people behind it! The ones that make the calls and call the shots. The ones that press the buttons and pull the strings. The ones that pay the bills and make sure the site is running and running well and that everyone is as safe as possible when using it. On top of always working on the sites to improve current features and or add new innovative features too.

That says a lot about the freelancer marketplace that is SEOClerks! It’s what makes it such an amazing place for anyone to get involved with and make money from it in some way. Even people who have no freelance experience at all. Once they discover SEOClerks, all they need do is look at the current services and things that are selling on the site to get an idea of all the ways they can make money on there. There is a massive demand for some certain things that people need doing. And that amounts to literally millions of people all around the world.

According to some recent revelations about the demographics of the freelance industry. There are currently around 53 million people providing freelance services just in the U.S. alone which makes up a whopping 34% of the national workforce. That’s one third and nearly of half of all working class U.S. citizens! The same report says that freelancers contribute an estimated $715 billion to the US economy. That’s a nice wedge! 😀

To get a slice of that pie. All you have to do is tap into SEOClerks. Or any Ionicware site! Literally it’s just a matter of listing a service for sell with a nice description and at a good price and getting sales. You can “bump” your service each day so it shows at the top of the category you’ve listed it in and you can earn bumps easily by logging in each day and posting to the Community Discussion area.

You can even buy bumps and buy promotion of your service like category highlighting or other use other promotion and marketing services that are for sale on the site to promote your service such as on social media etc etc. And you can get sales and also level up and go on to become a big seller and earn a lot of money from SEOClerks. SEOClerks is a level driven site where those who are the highest level are respected and trusted more and get the most sales. It’s not hard to level up to a level 3 seller if you meet the requirements which you can do. They tell you what all those requirements to get to level 2 and 3+ are on the User Levels page.

About Me: I’m IdealMike and I’m a Level 3X seller and freelancer. I’ve been using the site since about day 1 and have grown with the site. It’s helped me massively in life. Helped me pay my bills, put food in the cupboards, buy some nice things and not have to worry about stuff any more! All I worry about is SEOClerks disappearing. But since it’s obviously such a cash cow to the owners and to so many people, they’re obviously going to milk this cash cow for every sip of milk her teats put out.

Really, you can think of the grass the cow eats to make milk in it’s stomachs as the demand for services in the freelance industry. The more demand there is, the more grass the cow eats, the more milk it can produce. And one thing that is in plenty supply is grass. And so long as there are search engines and people, bloggers, webmasters, affiliates, businesses and people that need something doing they can’t do themself or don’t want to, then there will always be an SEOClerks!

I also work for SEOClerks as a Community Discussion moderator and contributor. That’s a great role I really really enjoy doing and it’s such a buzz to get to take part in the Community Discussions which are basically where you can discuss and learn about anything you want. You can ask as many questions as you want and get answers from great people who provide professional and helpful answers and you can find such inspiration and motivation there. There are experts there that are sharing their knowledge and insider tips for free.

I don’t mean to gush but I don’t think that even really does it justice. Sure there are several big SEO type forums out there all mostly with a lot of good and knowledgable SEO’s and affiliate marketers out there. Although most of those don’t share as much information these days so freely and so much. But here is where you can learn all about the SEO and I/M and freelance industry and anything else you want to learn about and excel in which is just awesome really.

IdealMike – I’m Mike and I deal in ideal services and solutions. I provide mostly SMO/SMM services from Facebook promotion to YouTube video promotion. I try to provide useful services that have a impact and leave you with something and some ROI to show for your money. I also try to provide a first class service to everyone which reflects in my positive recommendations and ratings and feedback for services delivered.

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3 thoughts on “SEOClerks Reaches 5th Birthday – Get Free $5 Coupon Code to Celebrate!

  1. Avery s Reply

    Greetings to you! This is so very helpful advice on this blog and in this post! It’s true what they say when they say “it’s the little changes that will make the most important changes”. Don’t you think? Thanks for sharing!


  2. JonPanama Reply

    It’s great that SEOClerks is still alive and kicking. I had used SEOClerks to sell my services long before Fiverr came into the picture. In my opinion, SEO Clerks is much more dynamic than Fiverr or similar sites.

    By the way, thanks for the coupon.

  3. Tronia Reply

    I am a bit late to the party. Only a five years or so! I really wish I found out about SEOClerk way sooner than I actually did. It’s easily one of the most amazing sites for freelancers and SEO to earn money. The best thing is that it’s all legit and that if you have good skills and services to offer, you will soon be in high demand.

    I always love reading your threads even on the SEOClerk site. You contribute a lot as a member which is beautiful to see. Members always make the communities grow stronger and make the sky the limit.

    So, thank you. I’ve learned a lot from you.

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